Darren Ford Photography 

Capturing those precious moments for you to treasure

Ordering Prints


To order your prints, simply write down the image numbers of the prints you wish to purchase, followed by the size in brackets, if you'd like it black and white the add BW after the size, e.g. img 0432(8x10)BW if you want more than one copy of an image, please put the desrired quantity at the end, e.g. img 0432(8x10)BW x3.

To find the image numbers on One Drive, you need to find the four digit number where it says Name or Path.

e.g. It will look like this (IMG 0432 wtmk) Please click HERE for help

The above should work on phones and tablets too, but
some people are having problems finding the numbers on their mobile devices, especially phones.

Please use a computer to view them if this is the case.

Once you've written down your entire order, simply email me the order to ([email protected])

or message it to me on Facebook


I hope this makes sense, if not, feel free to phone me or message me for help.

Payment Methods

1: You can pay for your prints via Paypal to the following email: 

[email protected]
lease include the word "pay" at the beginning of the email too :)

2: Bank Transfer, if you use online banking is the easiest and quickest method. Please contact me for bank details.

3: Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to D.Ford.

My address is: 41 Park Cottage Drive, Fareham, PO15 5JD

4: If you live locally I am happy to collect cash for your order if you prefer.

5. I am now set up to receive payments via my mobile number 07801239699. 

If you use PAYM with your bank, then you can use this method.  

Please remember to include your surname, and the word "PHOTOS" in your payment instructions

I will send you an invoice for your total once I receive your order.

Thank you